For over 25 years, TECHNACOL has been the specialist in bonding technology, studying multi-material bonding for most industrial sectors.

Mechanical engineers like you, we are able to find practical and efficient solutions which are both realistic and profitable.

We are proud to have earned and maintained the confidence of several leading companies and of many smaller firms, where innovation ensures pereniality.
Our mission is based on respecting the confidentiality of your projects and on total independence as regards manufacturers and suppliers.

TECHNACOL can work on any project requiring bonding engineering skills.


We deal with all aspects of bonding assembly:


  • drawing-up specifications,
  • standards and bibliography research, and numerical simulation of the bonded joint,
  • characterisation of materials used,
  • selection of adhesives,
  • definition and validation of suitable surface treatments,
  • characterisation of bonded assemblies before and after ageing (accelerated and natural),
  • industrialisation studies (choice of materials or design of specific devices, preparation of the production ranges),
  • first or small series production,
  • production process testing-in
  • company technology transfer, technology transfer is organised on an individual basis.


TECHNACOL is involved in research on bonging themes, in collaboration with industry and other laboratories.

TECHNACOL and its partners invest regularly to be able to propose the best in the field of bonding engineering. Thanks to this strategy, our customers have access to innovative technical solutions centralised in a single place.


It is essential for engineers, technicians or process operators already using or about to be involved in bonding, to acquire basics skills or develop their competence in this field.

This is why Technacol is an approved training center, offering:

  • Tailor-made training sessions, adapted to the specificities of your products and processing. Together, we draw up the adapted training program. The training sessions can take place either in your companie or in our own laboratory.
  • General training sessions, in the form of predefinied modules to convey basics skills (3days)


Please, contact us for more information

At your request, the Technacol Engineers can carry out a technical audit of your bonding activities (or those of your sub-contractors) to check compliance with good practice, and detect both example of good practice and especially areas for improvement.

TECHNACOL works in many industrial fields including:

  • Aeronautics, Space, Automotive, Rail,
  • Defence, Energy, Environment,
  • Electronics, Optics, Medical equipment, technical ceramics,
  • Building, Trades,
  • Household appliances, sports equipment,
  • Food processing, Packaging,
  • Cosmetics, Textiles,
  • Furnishings, Architecture and Interior Design, Insurance

Technacol clients include:

Adhetec, Airbus, Alstom, Altran, Arcadie Sud Ouest, Boostec, CEA, Cetim, Clix, Craft, Daher Aerospace, Dim, Decathlon, Eads, E2V, Faurecia, GEB, Groupe Cahors, Heuliez, Hydro Building Systems, NBC Sys, Paul Boyer, Petzl, Philips, Porcher Industries, Positronic, Rip-curl, Technofan, Thales, Thomson, Turbomeca, Sercel, Snecma, Société des Céramiques techniques, Sofibel, TIGF, Valeo, Varioptic.